W’s Charlize Theron And Michael Fassbender Showing 50 Shades Of Prometheus

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It’s really hard to ignore W’s covers lately. Maybe that’s what they’re after? So, even if a couple of months later, W Magazine’s August 2012 issue brings Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender right out of Prometheus into a promiscuously steamy 50 Shades of Grey – like pictorial.

(what? Not familiar with 50SoG? Don’t sweat over it, it’s the new Twilight for adults. Literally. With BDSM and more, but a bestseller nevertheless – speaking of which – it would appear that, in spite of everything, adult, NC – 17 – rated literature is a higher seller than old fashioned literature! Wicked, huh? False intellectuals arise!) Now, back to Charlize and Fassbender – are they trying to couple them up? (hit the jump, it gets hotter…ahem better!)

Charlize Theron Michael Fassbender getting hot for W

You know Fassbender. He’s the new Hollywood hunk. My Adored Husband came to me one day asking if I heard what they were saying about Fassbender… It would appear, like he admits in his W interview, that in most of his movies, he’s either n@ked or dying. Because he has, they say, an impressive physique. With no clothes on. After all, Brad Pitt’s rise to fame was based on his butt cheeks, why wonder about the Fassbender then?

Charlize Theron Michael Fassbender chemistry for W Magazine cover

Enough off – topic already, I’ll get back to the pictorial. Although it’s meant to hint back at Prometheus, it’s a very suitable fashion pictorial for the upcoming fall’s trends (leather and goth). The first time I saw the Yves Saint Laurent metal chain dress I fell head over heels over it! I’m happy they chose it for Charlize, she’s the fiercest of them all (now that Angelina has gone all motherhood and charity). For those who aren’t familiar with Prometheus – the pictorial you’re seeing here has nothing to do with the movie’s storyline. Au contraire.

I hope they’ll do a movie together, Charlize and Fassbender, they look pretty… involved, don’t they? (oh, and puh – leaaase stop pointing the finger at the cover’s Photoshop! There’s nothing weird going on! Some people are so into casting the stone that they forget to immerse in the artistic feeling first!)

Charlize Theron Michael Fassbender going SM for W Charlize Theron Michael Fassbender hot Prometheus W Magazine picture Charlize Theron hot with Michael Fassbender W


#1 Ellington on 07.19.12 at 3:33 pm

I like Charlize she is a good actor. I adore Michael Fassbender he is also a good actor and also rather yummy. : )
This is a nice photo layout.
From what I have heard he is in a relationship with his “Shame” co-star Nicole Beharie.

#2 kpriss on 07.22.12 at 7:49 am

I saw them on the Red Carpet a couple of times (he was heavily bearded, but I managed to recognize him nevertheless). I remember some rumors saying there was something between Charlize and Keanu (that was long time ago) – I really wish they would find a way to make that really happen. They’d most certainly be world’s best looking couple!

#3 Riana on 07.23.12 at 7:48 am

Now that Angelina has gone? She still plays the same character in her films. She’s filming one at the moment! Next Wednesday she an Brad throw a party in London because of the Olympics. For charity of course so the limelight will shine on her as usual. No one is the fiercest of them all but your comment gives James Franco (I know I am the only one who seems to like him) a good point when he stated that Show White and The Huntsman could be seen as metaphor for the Hollywood women. I find that an interesting view. Very interesting.

But back to the topic then. I love both as actors. Especially Charlize who is besides very natural beautiful mega talented. And this shoot is just a sort of soft-p*rn which I don’t mind at all being free minded but can’t take too serious.

As for ‘good looking couples’ beautiful Cate Blanchett is since years happily married to her not very attractive husband and has a happy family life with three sons out of the spotlights. Maybe that works better than what we dream about?

I thought Charlize and Stuart where a nice and normal couple. I liked them together.
But nothing is what is looks like in La La Land and what do you do when the thrill has gone?

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