Retro Avantgarde Street Men Fashion

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So the catwalk is just for show, you say. I respect and I can totally understand that.

As such, I turned to the streets for a “real vibe” and real fashion grasp of the men fashion situation. And here’s a taste of what I found: a young man walking the streets of Paris with a clear passion for vintage clothes and the retro atmosphere. Is this a better approach of men fashion? {EasyFashion}

retro avantgarde men fashion

It’s clearly not a fashion choice everyone could make as it takes real style courage and inspiration to pull this combo chin up. However, more instances of the retro avant-garde man have been spotted out and about, around the world!

dapper retro man outfit red bike

A classic elegance perfected with modern, avant out fashion times details make for an entirely new definition of the dapper man. Whether he’s dressed up in a suit or down in denim, the fashion conscious man (which can be sometimes wrongfully mistaken with a hipster) usually has a fine taste for clothing and a deeper understanding of fashion history.

retro elegant man style

retro man style street fashion

Style time traveler, the retro avant-garde man can’t be pinned to a certain fashion season or fashion era.

retro street style for men


#1 ana on 07.03.12 at 4:16 pm

Ha! I love you gurl!
you got me now…
Oye! that is the gallery where JPGaultier has his atelier!!!!

#2 Ellington on 07.04.12 at 7:44 am

I like what he is wearing.
He is a snappy dresser. : )

#3 kpriss on 07.04.12 at 1:45 pm

ana :* Really? Maybe he has something to do with JPGaultier? oh, no, he would’ve worn a corset of some kind and something blue and striped. Right?

Ellington: he’s quite a street vision!

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