Keira Knightley Smiling Bright With Fiance James Righton

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Talking about marital bliss.. Sure, these two aren’t really married, just engaged, so I might as well go ahead and call this (pre)marital bliss but that sounds odd. (doesn’t it?)

Anyway, I wanted you to see these two because they look genuinely happy together. Keira Knightley and fiancé James Righton around town being amoureux and smiling bright while playing with the paparazzi in New York. Keira is filming a movie (with Adam Levine) there, so if you ask me, the thought alone of not being Levine anymore is enough to bring a wide smile on anyone’s face! (oh, and FYI, while this happy scene went down, Adam was engaged elsewhere, filming for American Horror Story, the controversial TV Series! How suitable!)

Keira Knightley with finace James Righton

Keira Knightley around town with her fiance

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