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You know I love Breaking Bad. I told you that. To exhaustion. (have you had enough already?).

Naturally, whenever I find something Breaking Bad related, I’m all over it! Whether you’re familiar or not with AMC’s popular TV series, this is certainly not a spoiler! Below the latest fancy hairstyles imposed by the series’ hairstylist. Amazing, huh? Thank you Kelly Nelson, your genius is Breaking Bad Hair!

Breaking Bad promotes latest hairstyle for men

Here’s a closer view at the main characters from the series, as they came to evolve towards the final seasons (when Breaking Bad debuted, Walter White didn’t have this shiny shaved skull neither his rich facial hair. I will only focus on the viral truth of Kelly Nelson’s hair stylist job: that most of the series characters’ hair had the same non/hairstyle).

Main male characters from Breaking Bad

Main female characters Breaking Bad

For those who are unfamiliar with Breaking Bad, however, know that Kelly Nelson is also listed as hair stylist for several Terrence Malik movies (among which ‘The Tree of Life’) and Mud, among others. There’s hardly any aesthetic eloquence to Kelly Nelson’s work in the movies as far as I can tell.

scene from Malik s Tree of Life

Kelly Nelson was the hairstylist for Terrence Malik’s the Tree of Life movie

Nelson’s quality is ‘keeping it real’. He blends in the subject, he plays with the characters but never loses the plot out of sight. He’s keeping the story alive and credible. And that’s something way more valuable than making the meme of all Breaking Bad memes! Yes, the internet can laugh all it wants, but the truth is always strong with Kelly Nelson’s hairstylist work!

poster Mud movie Matthew McConaughey

Kelly Nelson was the hairstylist of Matthew McConaughey’s Mud movie as well

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