Cate Blanchett Without Makeup And Without Photoshop Magazine Cover

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You know how high and dearly I think of Cate Blanchett. So while this would be something only brave (famous) people can do, it also gives me the chance to talk about Cate the Great again. And she is great indeed, beaming great even without the all mighty magic of Photoshop. This, my daahlings, is The Economist’s Cate Blanchett cover without photoshop (and with as little makeup as possible – I’m thinking only mascara?). Flawless much?

Cate Blanchett without makeup and without photoshop

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#1 Ellington on 04.17.12 at 5:38 am

Ah Cate Blanchett… LOVE HER!
This is a lovely photo of her, and intelligence shines through this photo.
When I think of the latest cover with Nicole Kidman on it ( I swear that I did not recognize her because she looked so processed.) this cover with Cate makes me relish her talent and beauty all the more. : )

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