A Day In The Life Of Donatella Versace

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I have a confession to make: I love Harper’s Bazaar series about a day in the life of some famous designer. It’s how we came to know what are the daily routines in Tom Ford’s and Karl Lagerfeld’s exquisite lives, now let’s check out a lady: Donatella Versace. 24hours shadowing Donatella Versace!

So, Donatella is basically like us. Only with more plastic surgeries and heavy bank accounts. She starts her day at 8am with a 45 minutes workout and then some beauty procedures (I don’t want to know more details about that, honestly, I’m always under the impression that she made a pact with some sort of Dorian Gray knife). Then it’s news, news, news on the way to work and after it’s TV and DVDs. What did I tell you? Pretty much like you and me. Oh, and she’s a fan of Downtown Abbey! – if you needed more reasons to watch the series, there you have it! (you can check out the original story here)

Donatella Versace black and white portrait

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