Jason Statham Is In The Details, April 2012

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Talking about Rosie’s Independent feature earlier, reminded me about a particular cover I’ve seen earlier. One I’d like to detail: Jason Statham’s April 2012 Details feature. (what? Didn’t you know they were an item? Jason and Rosie, my dahlings, are a couple. For months now!)

Yeah, so what if he’s 44 and she’s 24? Love’s all that matter in the end. And to be honest, they do make a cute couple, don’t they? Both pouty and British! But enough about that, let’s concentrate on Details about Jason Statham! Hardly a surprise, the cover is a pretext to talk about Jason’s action packed movies (such as Expendables 2, a movie I’m looking forward to seeing in Theaters this summer!) and try to see through his action layers, deep within Jason Statham, the real individual. (the story continues right after the jump, click here for the gallery)

Jason Statham Details April 2012 cover

Norman Jean Roy’s photographs tell the action stories through a romanticized filter as Jason fights his way in a Tom Ford suit (I wonder if Tom Ford was informed about what treatment will be inflicted on his suits during this particular shoot). Because Jason doesn’t like talking about himself, he prefers action. Choreographing his moves and fights assured his success and his place among action movies heroes like Stallone, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren.

Jason Statham Details April 2012

Years after he did The Transporter, even after he left the franchise, Jason Statham is still being referred to as “the transporter”. Just like Bruce Willis will always be “Die Hard” and Stallone “Rambo”. And that’s saying something! (so is the Details interview you can check out here)

Norman Jean Roy photographed Jason Statham

Jason Statham suits up for Details Jason Statham fighting in Tom Ford suit Jason Statham Details April 2012 photo by Norman Jean Roy

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#1 Riana on 03.28.12 at 5:44 am

Stallone = Rocky forever? He was great in Cop Land. I never ever have watched any Rambo. Or I’ve forgotten? Only one Die Hard (have no clue anymore which one) on tv which isn’t exactly the way the should watch this kind of movies right? ;)

So Jason Statham today’s action hero and his pouty model. To be honest I’ve only seen him in Guy Ritchie’s films. Well….so That’s The Haircut To Get Now? That’s good news for balding men. And carbs are good again? OK!

You liked Expendables? I got out, left because of an audience filled with male teen hormones….exchanged my ticket for?? I think I should have stay….yes?

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