Madonna Is Wearing Adidas Tracksuits. Ka-ching!

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We’ve all heard that Madonna is going to entertain at the Super Bowl this year, so, naturally, she gets even more attention than she would usually get for her W.E. film and her soon – to be – released studio album.

Doing what we do best, noticing what her Madgesty is wearing, we found out that Madonna, who was often spotted wearing Adidas tracksuits (even when swimming!) is not doing that by accident! And no, not just because she’s working out so much, all the time, at all times! But because Madonna receives those tracksuits (and more) from Adidas! For free! thumbs up for the original Material guuuuurl!

Madonna wearing her faithful Adidas tracksuit


#1 Riana on 02.02.12 at 7:14 am

This is what I wear at home right now with UGGs, yes shiver! Because it’s cold and I’m saving energy that way since I’m not living in the Celebrity Economy. This another example of it….

#2 Ellington on 02.02.12 at 12:51 pm

She gets them free? I wonder why besides the reason that she is Madonna.
Oh well, they do make a good tracksuit. : )

#3 Riana on 02.03.12 at 5:25 am

You really wonder why Ellington? Then I repeat it: “The Celebrity Economy”. (See the Charlize Theron’s outfit for the Golden Globes here ).

#4 Ellington on 02.03.12 at 6:26 pm

Not really Riana, it was kind of a rhetorical question to be honest.
: )
I have also noticed that Adidas is also worn in her latest video with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.. : )

#5 Riana on 02.04.12 at 9:32 am

OK! Yes, I noticed that too. It’s the same thing :)

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