Juicy Couture Introduces Fifi Lapin Cute Overload Collection

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World’s most fashionable bunny, Fifi Lapin, worked at an entire fashion collection which is now available for your delight! Juicy Couture teamed up with Fifi Lapin for the making of some pretty irresistible printed scarves, tees and more!

Fifi Lapin is not along in this Juicy adventure! Oh, no! She has the boy, Sonny Hare with her and even her white pup, Stella! Not to mention her amazing wardrobe! Truly a stylish hare – ss she is! (and I love her dearly! You will too, if you check out her closet here)

Fifi Lapin Juicy Couture white scarf

Fifi Lapin Juicy Couture pink scarf

Fifi Lapin Juicy Couture tee shirt

Fifi Lapin Juicy Couture collection Fifi Lapin Juicy Couture


#1 Ellington on 02.18.12 at 11:10 am

Okay. I am in love with these scarfs and t-shirts! They are ever so nifty!! : ) <3

#2 kpriss on 02.19.12 at 1:30 am

Ah, yes! sigh! totally and completely with you on that one! Fifi is adorable!

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