Did Marc Jacobs Give Up Wearing Skirts?

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I’ve been meaning to show you this photo – it may be relevant for Fashion Week! You never know what’s coming with Mac Jacobs and his upcoming collection – so this may just as well be a hint of what’s coming on the catwalk!

And that’s a rare opportunity for us, mere fashmortals! Marc Jacobs was seen attending an official event (the opening of a commercial gallery) wearing the below photographed outfit. If he wasn’t a fashion designer, I would’ve easily blasted this as “what was he thinking” kind of outfit. Only I can’t do that. He’s a designer, hence he’s au courant with everything and anything that goes on in fashionland more than me. Or you. Or so many others. Which brings me to a very normal, visually justified, logically founded question: what’s the message Marc Jacobs is trying to send to the fashion crowd? (what do you think he’s trying to say through his outfit? Is this the FW 12-13 must wear?)

Marc Jacobs wearing pants

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