Noomi Rapace’s Blackbook December 2011. The Original Dragon Girl

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Just in time for the Hollywood remake of the controversial and much awaited Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie, Noomi Rapace, the acclaimed actress who was the first Lisbeth Salander on the big screen, in the original Swedish movie is on the cover of Blackbook magazine!

And even if she uses the controversial remake as a cover title, Noomi is there to talk about her Sherlock Holmes role (she’s starring in the second installment of the successful franchise directed by Guy Ritchie) and more (Prometheus, the prequel to the Alien movies). I wonder how she feels, though, being the original Dragon Girl and living to see another version of the tormented Lisbeth through Rooney Mara!

Noomi Rapace Blackbook magazine December 2012 cover


#1 Ellington on 12.06.11 at 10:12 am

I am looking forward to the latest Sherlock Holmes film and it should be fun with Noomi Rapace in it too!
I loved her interpretation of Lisbeth Salander, she was great and gave her flesh.
I am debating seeing the new remake though.
Noomi is rather nifty! : )

#2 doll on 01.03.12 at 7:29 pm

Noomi is not equalled in this trilogy. the remake lisbeth is a joke compared to the original. my family and i watched it at least 7 or 8 times. can’t wait for it to come out on dvd or blue ray. she captured what alot of young people go thru at the hands of those who should know better.

#3 Riana on 01.04.12 at 10:25 am

Doll, you move me very, very deeply. I can not else than agree……..

Why didn’t I reply here?? I got to see Sherlock Holmes soon since I trust Ellington’s and Kpriss’ opinions. I wish Noomi the acclaim she truly deserve. I love her Lisbeth to bits. After reading the books I did wonder how it could be filmed? Noomi and also the rest of the crew did such a great job. They captured their characters brilliant.

I also wonder if I ever want to see the remake since I watched some trailers…

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