Must Wear To A Party This Season Sequined Shorts

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And just because I was talking about the bling thing – one of the most important trends this season, actually (duh! One of these days they’re going to replace “let it snow” with “let it bling”!), there goes a little something from the Free People!

The Sequin Boxer Short. If you’ve been through at least three stores lately, then you know that sequined shorts are in! Big time! Like there’s no party without a sequined short! And you know what? I’m ok with that because I lik’em too! It’s like a pimped up version of those short jeans we’re seeing everywhere during the hot summer time! Now – from loving them to wearing them… I don’t know! Would you wear those wee sequined boxers?

must have party item sequined shorts

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#1 Dollybird on 12.20.11 at 5:38 am

I love your enthusiasm Kpriss & admire your spirit of adventure but…no. LOL
I can’t see myself in them as I have a complex about elastic waists ever since a joking friend pulled my elastic waisted skirt down one summer’s day while I was going commando that hot afternoon. *ahem blush*

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