Supershoes: Wonder Woman And Catwoman Shoes By Andre

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As I told you yesterday, we’re in a festive mood here! We’ll keep the party going all weekend long because (wink) you’re worth it! (maaan, I hope I won’t get blasted by the big brands for using that slogan – wink)

Not to mention it would appear that everyone is enjoying it! (wink) Also – notice the flamboyant tone! It’s a special weekend here on Stylefrizz, so let’s roll the goodies! DC Comics has partnered up with French footwear label André for a special collection Catwoman and Wonder Woman shoes will be available (only in Europe, sadly) for your enchantment! With prices ranging from $164 to $220, the supershoes will be a certified success! I for one think the tall boots and the Diana flats are going to sell like hot French baguette! Which one of the new supershoes would you want for you?

Catwoman Wonder Woman shoes Andre

Wonder Woman boots


#1 Ellington on 11.07.11 at 12:09 pm

I saw this, and I loves it!
I think that I have mentioned that I collect comic books, something that I have done for a while now.
I have over 200 Wonder Woman comics and she is my all time favourite super!
I really like the Diana flats but for fun times I would mos def wear the iconic Wonder Woman boots! : )

#2 Joseph S. Garcia on 04.10.16 at 8:12 am

First of,f hello stylfrizz and Cecilia,

A little late since I just saw this article. Would like to know what store I can get these Wonder Woman boots. I am stationed with the Army and along with my wife Sonja, we do charity work on/off base. I portray Superman and my wife Wonder Woman. I have bought numerous pairs of boots for my wife, (cheaply made), only to have them rip or crack or the paint peels off. Sonja loves to be with the kids in her Wonder Woman outfit, but to finish her Linda Carter style outfit we still need the right boots. That is why I would like any help possible in assisting me with this task!

Thanks again for any help you can give us,
Joseph S. Garcia

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