Anja Rubik’s Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show

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Although technically I haven’t heard anything about Anja Rubik being a VS Angel, she had her beautiful wings out on the 2011 Fashion Show catwalk in the Aquatics section! That (and the ballet one) were by far the most beautiful sections of this year’s Victoria’s Secret show!

A far cry from the most suited person to walk in this show (yes, I’m talking about Doutzen), Anja managed to show off her gorgeous endless bones … ahem legs in no less than three different outfits! She’s a beautiful, girl, don’t get me wrong, you know I love her deeply! It’s just that… she shouldn’t do a lingerie show… Should she? (more images right after the jump, click here for the gallery!)

Anja Rubik Victoria s Secret 2011 Fashion Show

Anja Rubik Victoria s Secret 2011 Fashion Show outfits

Anja Rubik Victoria s Secret show Anja Rubik super costume for Victoria s Secret Anja for Victoria s Secret


#1 DollyBird on 11.10.11 at 3:41 pm

She’s lovely but that first blue outfit(?) of hers is horrendous! What were the stylists thinking I wonder. So much tackyness there that I cannot fathom. I mean what have those knitted(!) leggings and bolero have anything to do with seduction. Guys or knitting enthusiastes would have to explain that to me. Jmo

#2 Riana on 11.10.11 at 5:48 pm

I get your drift but since I’d watch it last year I can see why this is fun ‘tackyness’ that it doesn’t matter at all. Seduction comes in many ways and mind you the guys did got wild! :))

#3 DollyBird on 11.11.11 at 1:44 am

Rereading my post above again this morning I realise how grouchy I sounded. I had a bad day as I went to a funeral yesterday so poor Anya was unfairly targeted. Tackyness is part of the VS fun & doesn’t harm anyone. Anyway Anya looks like she had fun :)
*Life is too short to grumble about boleros Dolly!*

#4 Riana on 11.11.11 at 4:33 am

I am very sorry to hear about your loss DollyBird. Happened to me of late too. So I feel how hard it is to be jolly and fun in times like this even if we try it often backfires. No, innocent fun doesn’t harm anyone. Thank God it doesn’t since it’s one of the few thing we can count on. I wish you well and all the best in these hard times. Stay strong girl. :)

And I don’t think you did attack Anja really. It’s just your opinion. Which you are fully allowed too. People shouldn’t get angry about differences in opinions when it comes to trivial things like this. So I was not trying to get back at you, not at all. I only shared my experience since I been cheered on by Kpriss and Ellington (in a way). Both did make me see the fun and joy side of this show.

I saw more about the show last night and I also think Anja and especially Karly Kloss better should cover up. Or Candice Swanepoel for that matter…brrr… Oh, and don’t forget I wasn’t that nice about Doutzen either I’d realise while typing this……

Many heartfelt hugs to you :)

#5 DollyBird on 11.11.11 at 2:49 pm

Thank you for your kind words Riana. I didn’t mean to bring gloom into this post & don’t know what came over me. Sorry Kpriss.
The horrible weather here isn’t helping my situation much but that’s why I am glad for the silly harmless VS show. All the colourful clothes and smiles on the girls faces are worth the hype. Instead of frowning I am now actually giggling at Anja’s outfit. Its borderline ridiculous but that’s part of the fun :)

I have yet to see the show but I expect to be perplexed at the choice of Karlie Kloss as well. I think she’s tops but kinda lacking in curves. I’ll have to wait & see.

#6 Ellington on 11.12.11 at 12:17 pm

Dear Dolly Bird, its hard when we say the final goodbye to someone we knew and cared about, but as hard as that it I think the BEST part is that we knew them and we cared about them and we have that forever! : )

My deepest condolences to you.

As for the VS show it is a fun fair of tacky, colour and glitz. It is not about style really just a show that is the ridiculous to the sublime and gets men to actually “watch a fashion show”.
; )

#7 DollyBird on 11.12.11 at 3:52 pm

Thank you Ellington. I am lost for words at the warmth of the kind comments here.

#8 kpriss on 11.13.11 at 8:57 pm

I know I come a bit late, but I really wanted to make sure, DollyBird, you weren’t getting the wrong message – I’m in no way upset or saddened by your (initial) comment save for the loss you suffered! For that I’m ever sorry and, like Ellington said, the best part to focus on, is having known the person and cherish the memories with that person!

As for the show – it’s funny what the world has come to know and watch about fashion ;) It’s the show that sells, in the end. I totally feel the lack of curves in the VS show and it puts me off too. After all, these are the girls we love and see fit for other couture shows, it would be strange of me to not appreciate their work for VS. Yes, they’re not the best lingerie models around since they’re so stick thin, but their smile carries the show. :*

#9 Riana on 11.14.11 at 9:03 am

A smile is not enough to sell lingerie because the ordinary or the majority of men loves to see curves. I have heard of women who do not order the catalogue any longer because their men asked where the boobs and butts had gone. True story. Sorry…Andrej Pejic smiles cute too…;) :)

#10 DollyBird on 11.14.11 at 1:00 pm

Thank you Kpriss.
Last word concerning VS…I had always wished to see Crystal Renn doing the VS runway. When she was really curvy that is. Nowadays I don’t really know what shape she’s in as her body seems to be changing.

#11 kpriss on 11.15.11 at 1:35 pm

Yeah, how about that? Where’s Crystal? She went off the radar the last few months!

Oh, Riana! Imagine Andrej doing a VS show! Oh. My. God! what an image! :))

#12 Riana on 11.15.11 at 1:48 pm

No kidding Kpriss; I truly think Andrej is a beautiful boy. Luckily you’re not angry since I thought what did I type..:) Hopes he does not harm his body with all dieting to look that much like a girl. How long will he be loved after all?

DollyBird has a good point about Crystal Renn. I think there will be lots of people who would love to see women like that. I believe she got on a diet too. Just as Sophie Dahl once did. And gone were these pretty curvy women…and so disappeared the curvy hype…

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