An Angel’s Closet. Victoria’s Secret Erin Heatherton Opens Up Her Wardrobe

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Something about a sparkling turquoise mermaid costume, 100 bras and an impressive collection of couture shoes should remind us about Erin Heatherton and Lindsay Ellingson. Both Erin and Lindsay are two of my favorite Victoria’s Secret angels. That alone justifies my talking about them.

However, I wanted to throw something else in the game too – girls talking about their wardrobes. Don’t tell me you never asked yourselves how does a model’s closet look like! I know I did. They get access to catwalk fashion firsthand, they get to travel the world, they must be loving fashion and style, hence their wardrobes must be magical!

From the looks of it (pictured below is Erin Heatherton’s closet), it’s just as normal as yours and mine. Okay, maybe a bit bigger. Okay. A lot bigger. She seems to have a museum – type of wardrobe – the kind you only walk into and not wear often. What’s your wardrobe like?

erin heatherton wardrobe

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