Monday Office Outfits

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I was getting ready for that piece du jour thing we do? And I said to myself “wouldn’t it be nice to go get something we can actually wear? In an every-day situation?”. Yes it would, came the answer, from the other side of my fashion – heated – head. So there I go again, back to Outfit of the Day’s roots.

And celebrating too! Since we haven’t done this in a while, why not celebrate? Put together two outfits instead of one? Here I go – since we talked about BHLDN a week or two ago and we agreed upon loving Anthropologie, here’s a lil’ Anthropologie exclusive! (just to be clear on something – Anthropologie doesn’t have the slightest idea who I am and what I cooked today! – wink – ). Come on, click through to discover the goodies! (and tell me which look your loved best and why)

pants shirt monday office outfit

Basically, the two choices are color coordinated and suited for every day occasions, office dreary Monday days (or any other day). Classic outfits with a twists, that’s how I love them! Let’s get down to the pieces: For I am a pants chica at heart, I’ll start with the pants situation: from bottom up. The lacebark booties with flowery embroidery – loving their coziness and quirkiness!

Next up: the High IQ Corduroys in brown (they say. To me they look a bit auburny… What do you think?). The softness and the vintage-y feeling of these wide – leg pants take fall styling to a complete new level. It’s the comfort zone of your wardrobe! And you want comfort in a Monday outfit. Don’t you? (you can also belt the pants with, par exemple, the Triple Bar Belt in green). Let’s check out the top! The Tarpan Buttondown in red motif is such a great addition to a simple, classic outfit! Take a closer look and you’ll see why: the red motif? it’s a handful of mice scattered across the otherwise plain, common shirt! Aren’t they something?

The finishing touch is the Frozen City Gilet! Truly a piece of the season, the fake fur vest is comfy, is fashionable and well… it matches the rest of the look! Now if you really want a bag, you can try something in the vicinity of the Daily Rounds Satchel – something neutral, practical. Something that won’t pop out.

Purple outfit with flowers Monday Outfit

Let’s detail the dress situation: Ciselled Wedges. Where comfort and edgy fashion meet, it’s where you want to be! These shoes compliment the rest of the outfit, but don’t completely immerse in it. They stand out. And that’s good for what follows: the Ihrin Shirtdress in purple – I love the simplicity and the effectiveness of a shirt dress! It’s timeless, flattering on almost any type of silhouette and absolutely suited for running errands across town or a classy office day! Take my word for it, always go for timeless – your overall style and wallet will be grateful! (you can also belt the shirt dress with a Bold Braided Belt in Coral. But then again, you can leave as it is, it’s perfectly charming!)

To complete the dress situation – a Pansy Corset Trench! I LOVE that trench coat! It’s so girly, so sweet! Instantly uplifting, it’ll make you forget about autumn leaves and keep your mind focused on burgeoning spring flowers! It’s perfect! Oh, and do check out the back corset detailing! Is that amazing or what? Just a quick reminder – the pieces are all available at Anthropologie, you have the names written in clear throughout this article and you’re free to either go out and buy these exact pieces or inspired yourself for a personal interpretation of what I was trying to illustrate here. Comfy, quirky Monday Office Looks!

wide leg autumn pants

Pansy print coat

Purple shirt dress


#1 Ellington on 10.17.11 at 4:14 pm

I love all of these pieces they are all classic and funky at the same time! :)
Makes for fun and stylish dressing.

#2 Riana on 10.18.11 at 2:37 am

I am totally in love with the flowery embroidery booties! :)

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