Lady Gaga’s Harper’s Bazaar October 2011

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For some reason, the world just can’t get enough of Lady Gaga. With or without makeup, her clothes on or off, Lady Gaga is simply interesting. Lady Gaga sells.

What she’s selling this time, with the October 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar? No makeup. A free makeup look from Lady Gaga is a rare sight, especially in a (fashion and lifestyle) magazine! Not to mention she had a little help from Inez and Vinoodh (she’s even photographed with Inez, looking strikingly similar), so even if she doesn’t wear any makeup or any other heavily theatrical makeovers, Lady Gaga can still be artsy and pretty fancy. And also be walking down the street right now without anybody knowing who she is. Would you recognize Gaga if she gave up all her stage like looks? (oh, and just in case, you can also read her HB interview here)

Lady Gaga Harpers Bazaar October 2011 cover

Lady Gaga Harpers Bazaar October 2011 black and white photography

Lady Gaga HB October Lady Gaga Inez Harpers


#1 mdinah on 09.06.11 at 3:33 pm

sorry Kpriss, i see lots of makeup there. not in a clownish way but still….

#2 kpriss on 09.06.11 at 3:48 pm

Oh, come on! You’re such a spoiler! ;) of course she’s wearing A LOT of makeup! And it’s all M.A.C., duh!

#3 mdinah on 09.06.11 at 4:27 pm

hahaha, sorry, it was the “terrorist” kicking…

#4 MainStars on 09.07.11 at 4:22 am

I love lady gaga and to me she looks beautiful with or without make-up even if on the front page she has make-up on but who cares! She is not copying Madonna for dressing as a man.. its for her music vidoe you & i , sounds to me like most of you people are just jealous.. and have every right to be seeing as shes more talented than probably any one you’ll meet in your life. :)

#5 mdinah on 09.07.11 at 8:56 am

@ mainStars: i don’t know where you saw envy, jealousy or even a single criticism in my comment…
I also like Gaga and also think she is talented. Thanks God , I DID meet highly talented people throughout my life, at different fields.

#6 kpriss on 09.07.11 at 9:49 am

lol mdinah! You’re so full of jealousy and envy! lol

#7 mdinah on 09.07.11 at 10:35 am

you see kpriss?? finally is showing up!!
people will realize my real objetive in life: going pantless…

#8 keiko on 09.07.11 at 11:24 am

@MainStars – out of the mouths of babes!
Is she a superstar for 2010 / 2011 – sure! But she is just Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Cher, Madonna, Nancy Sinatra (& the list goes on) wrapped in a lolly wrapper! Seen it all before & probably will again!

#9 ajginger on 09.08.11 at 7:45 am

Firstly: Lady Gaga does not really exit. She is the product of the Haus of Gaga. I think she is really a talented girl, I also like some of her catchy songs but the over exposure is killing. Everything that team comes up is stolen. Everything! Even her latest male performance has been done better than the silly act Gaga did. Look at the Eurythmics in 1984? Annie Lennox was so beautiful androgynous without looking silly ever and this song is a classic and so is this act.

#10 Ellington on 09.09.11 at 12:21 pm

Love you lots mdinah! <3 : )

Yes Gaga is talented but I find her derivative and boring and I do not recall any of her tunes… in one ear and out the other. And I beyond tired of her. Overkill cubed!!!

Now Annie Lennox!!! She is an artist, and an subtle icon. : )

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