Men Shoes Must: Repetto

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You wouldn’t believe it (or maybe you do, and I’m just behind the news), either way, if you’re interested in the latest shoes trends for men, it’s Repetto!

Yes, you heard that right – the ballerina shoes master, Repetto, also a favorite of Serge Gainsbourg back in the day, is making and breaking the men’s hearts. At least in the hot holiday-ish summer days and nights, a pair of Repetto shoes is all you need to prove your fashion knowledge and style master! What say you, girls, would you like your men wearing ballerinas.. ahem Repetto shoes?

Repetto men shoes as worn by Serge Gainsbourg

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#1 ajginger on 08.27.11 at 10:50 am

Cool on the right men. I love Serge’s “I really lived life” “look” by the way. Hard to find these days.

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