Guerlain Candles. Light Up Your Fashion!

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Talking about Harper’s Bazaar Russia: there’s a particular candle by Guerlain called “Hiver en Russie” (Winter in Russia). I’d like to take a moment and think about it because I want all the HB bad memories to go away. Care to join me?

Guerlain’s candles Hiver and Russie and Boudoir Venitien join the preexistent Guerlain candles collection. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Checking out the details now. The black one has notes of samovar tea, myrrh, incense and hot wax (ummm… wait, what?) as for the golden one – it smells like makeup (what the..? makeup? Mkay, moving on…) rice powder, silk and flowers. I wish I knew the price of these interesting fragranced candles!

Guerlain scented candles

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