Diane Kruger For L’Oreal

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Did you know that Diane Kruger is representing for L’Oreal? The following short video shows Diane talking about her photo session engagement and how it’s all about the light and finding the right mood.

She’s looking gorgeous and I can only hope they won’t mess with her images like they did with Julia Roberts and Christy! (what can they do better? Diane looks flawless as far as I’m concerned! there are times I wish they’d just stick with the behind the scenes imagery instead of the official campaign photos which come across as too airbrushed and unrealistic most of the times!)

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#1 ajginger on 08.08.11 at 8:10 am

Already on Dutch tv! I hate the voice dubbing though. They did that even to our own Doutzen! That sounds so silly. While Diane is so well known for her ability to dub so well!
Diane is like good wine: she improves by getting older. I think she’s prettier now than in her twenties. IMHO! Maybe it’s that charming man of hers the reason? I don’t like Fringe not that much anymore alas. It gets so lame; I don’t get it anymore either….I had the same with the X-Files at a certain point. I wonder if Josh is going be taken serious as a real actor ever? Diane has at least two interesting films to be released. French films. One about the last days of Marie-Antoinette. That “subject” never bores me :)

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