Angelina Jolie’s Tall Black Boots. Summer In London

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Now that’s an interesting sight – Angelina Jolie was walking (more like she was struggling to get through) in London, trying to make her way through what looks like an overpacked sidewalk.

I’m loving her girls – they all look lovely and unique, to each her style. Most of all, I love Angelina. She’s all dressed up wearing a gray cashmere v-neck sweater, black skinny jeans tucked into over the knee tall black boots. Talking about puss’n’boots! I’m not so good at weather appreciations, especially in places I’ve never experienced personally – so you tell me – is the weather in London so harsh as to demand an autumnal wardrobe? (and if so, why doesn’t that apply to the kids? I always get the feeling that celeb kids are above the weather!)

Angelina Jolie in Boots with her girls

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#1 ajginger on 07.29.11 at 6:32 am

I’m not in the UK but on the other side of the North Sea and I can assure you Angelina is properly dressed for the weather. Going to wear boots too in a few when I go outside.
I love her boots and outfit.
Zahara is such a trooper; she doesn’t seem to mind the weather at all. I know it is not right to pick a fave child in a family but I adore that little princess. She has such natural style and grace.

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