Lady Gaga’s Rolling Stone And V Magazine Column

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I wanted to share something with you: Lady Gaga has a fashion magazine column. In V Magazine, to be more exact. Sure, she also graces the cover of Rolling Stone, June 2011, but that was just a pretext to bring you a piece of Gaga thinking!

It seems her column, though a cerebral effort from the pop Queen, is not as amazing as we would’ve expected it to be. Lady Gaga is human after all! And to err is human as well. Lady Gaga is a well fabricated stage phenomenon, a modern day entertainer who takes her career so frightening seriously. Few fragments from her V column were discussed here and Rolling Stone’s Ryan McGinley’s photographed story can also be found here (and you can read the entire column as scanned after the jump, in the gallery, here). As far as I’m concerned, the only style Gaga is really promoting is the restless, always performing entertainer. And that is too consuming for my taste.

Lady Gaga Rolling Stone magazine cover

Lady Gaga Rolling Stone magazine photo by Ryan McGinley

Lady Gaga Rolling Stone

Lady Gaga V Magazine column Lady Gaga writes for V Magazine Lady Gaga Rolling Stone magazine images


#1 ajginger on 06.02.11 at 8:58 am

Have you ever googled “Lady Gaga” covers? So many during a career that is yet still so young!

Interesting RS though: Eddie Vedder? I love Eddie and Pearl Jam. American Idol VS The Voice? The Voice is a Dutch invention/format. I seen fragments and it is a bit different of course. Oh dear, another John de Mol format to torture the world like Big Brother!

Sighs…back to Gaga; I saw her in an interview saying about her latest album “Born This Way” that it is based on the ’80’s dancefloor. Yes, I could hear that and to be honest I began to appreciate Madonna again. I consumed yet a bit too much Gaga. And although she’s a better singer than Madonna I think the last one is still The Queen of Pop. Until Gaga proves such longevity as Madonna has yet. Whom has nothing to prove anymore. I wonder if this is possible though in these fast times?

#2 Big Monster on 06.02.11 at 11:34 am

That is not the Rolling Stone article you linked to – it’s a short excerpt.

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