Lady Gaga Would Wear… Finsk Sandals

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This is something only Lady Gaga would wear, I believe. As it is a marvelous shoe, outstandingly creative but implacably dangerous for anywearer’s health (plus those of the ones surrounding him / her at the inevitable time of his / her fall)!

I stumbled across the Finsk 116-97 style sandal (or whatever it’s called) in Cinza (that’s the color / model as I understood) and I thought I should come present it to you! Because you may miss out on Louvre, but you can’t miss out on this kind of shoes extravaganza (joking, biensur! Although, I’d happily take Louvre instead of this Finsk $999,95 sandal! How about you?) (more about the finsk creativity here)

Graphic towering sandals Finsk

very high ankle sandals Finsk

Finsk shoes

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