Impressive Gift: Your Portrait On A Building

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I trust you had a marvelous, dreamy Mother’s Day? It’s been pretty crazy around the house these days as we had guests coming over (well, mostly family, but even so, our daily routine was clearly not what it used to) and we barely had the time to wish your, my lovelies, a blissfully happy Mothers Day!

So here I am, in the after hours fashion (being late is so fashionable, after all! Marc Jacobs preached that by being late show after show after show and still delivering a breathtaking success) with a dreamy portrait on a building. Count the tree as a bouquet and the street light as a candle and there you have it, a truly unique gift. How would you feel is someone painted your portrait on a building (I know it’s graffiti, but it still counts as a painting in my head)? (if anyone has any ideas about where this beautiful photo was taken, who took it and who may be the artist who delivered such a stunning piece of urban art, please step forward!) (photo via)

Portrait on a building

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#1 jhon mathew on 05.09.11 at 11:48 pm

It’s a nice work done on the walls and i like the way its done .Really appreciate for the work done.

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