Beautiful Haircut For Wavy Long Hair!

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Did I tell you I’m a wavy to curly girl? Curls and Frizz rule my days. Literraly! (what, you thought “Stylefrizz” came out of nowhere? – wink ). Hence, I learned to befriend hair accessories in my constant taming tryouts.

You’ll think of hair straighteners. Yes, I did that too. Did not tame my hair, it only drove me mad and kept me inside on rainy days. Which isn’t a funny perspective if you’re a rain loving individual. It was also a strict routine – waking up in the morning and straightening (at least) my fringe. Nope. Not for me. So I stayed au naturel – frizz and curls won’t brake my bones for sure!

However, until today, I only thought my hair couldn’t get a chic update unless it was cut off. In a shorter (read neck length, just below the ears line), even bob. Which would only be sustained by the curls and frizz itself. Now take a look at the image below! It’s one of the makeup artists from Oscar de la Renta’s Resort 2012 Fashion Show. I love the cut! I love the fringe, I love the flowing waves down her back. It’s so girly and sweet. Anyone has any ideas about how to pull this off? It doesn’t look like layering, just a simple fringe and full length hair for the rest. Help? Anyone? (photo via)

Great haircut for wavy curly hair


#1 ajginger on 05.27.11 at 1:00 am

Yes, my hairstylist since I find got into a argument with my curling irons!
The trick is also the cut. It is a bit layered above. Reminds on young Stevie Nicks. I found a shivering good live version of Rhiannon on YouTube and Stevie looked awesome; so beautiful and her hair above layered. A great cut. I listen to her singing and stare at her appearance especially the hair……

#2 Tanya from Dans le Townhouse on 05.27.11 at 7:34 am

Love that haircut! She’s gorgeous.

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