Marc Jacobs T Shirts Human Rights Campaign For Marriage Equality

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Something about fighting for such a noble cause makes me feel ashamed about writing this piece. However, in the name of aesthetics, I must carry on and deliver the message.

A new fighter for the Human Rights Campaign for marriage equality has joined the militant masses: Marc Jacobs. The exquisite and oh – so loved designer has put together a special drawing which he then printed on some cotton white t-shirts which he’s selling or giving for the cause (at the HRC Stores in Princetown, Mass, San Francisco, Palm Springs and Washington DC and also online here). It’s a very honorable thing to do, putting fashion up for a good cause. However, I must ask – couldn’t he had done a less cheesy, more stylish drawing? (via)

Marc Jacobs HRC Marriage equality tee shirt

Marc Jacobs HRC Marriage equality t shirt

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