Franca Sozzani’s Home

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Actually I could only get my hands on two images from Franca Sozzani’s home and I admit, I envy the marveled photographer who had the chance to walk through Franca’s Marrakech home empire. It’s a daring voyage for anyone with a passion for style and fashion!

Franca, who has been the editor in chief of Vogue Italy for so many years and who has brought Vogue Italy on the forefront of the fashion revolution (I still hear people talking about her All Black issue!) is visibly a fashionista through and through. And even if her Marrakech home as pictured here doesn’t look like anything I’d call home, I’m so curious how the rest of her house looks like! And if anyone has any ideas where we could catch a glimpse at her Milan residence, please step forward! In the mean time, thank you Ivan Terestchenko for the images! Aren’t they something else?

Franca Sozzani s Home

Franca Sozzani s Home in Marrakech


#1 ajginger on 04.12.11 at 7:49 am

I’m so jealous!!! Grrrr… for not “doesn’t look like anything I’d call home” I’ve never seen a house or home of anyone important or a celebrity looking like someone actually lived there? Only one time years ago Pam Anderson’s house in MTV’s Cribs that looked like a warm cozy home where real people live. That was very surprising!

#2 kpriss on 04.13.11 at 12:42 pm

Whoa, I had no idea! As far as those designer-ish homes go, for me it’s more like walking around in a museum than a house to actually live in. Then again, many of those whose homes appear in magazines don’t really live there as they travel so much so they end up living in hotels. Sad.

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