Michelle Obama Is Only Wearing What She Loves

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I think we all heard, one way or the other, about the madness surrounding Michelle Obama‘s dress choice for the state dinner (yes, the very Alexander McQueen one!). The mighty CFDA felt disappointed with her wearing a non – American designer, the world was confused as to believe the dress honored China (for being red) or the European designers at a dinner where they should have discussed the commercial liaisons between the two countries (USA and China). Really, it would have made your head turn and twist and then some.

Finally, after having heard and read so much about that dress, Michelle Obama herself was ready to put a stop to it all: “Look, women, wear what you love. That’s all I can say. That’s my motto. I wear what I like because…I gotta be in the dress, so…

Also: Please focus your sartorial anger at Lady Gaga? (via)

Michelle Obama only wears what she likes


#1 Ellington on 02.03.11 at 11:26 am

I agree with Michelle O. about this!
And she looked great in that dress! I think that they were hoping that it would be a fashion fail on her so they could say ” Next time choose and American designer!”

Besides Michelle wears a lot of American clothes from high end to the J.Crew.

#2 mdinah on 02.03.11 at 2:53 pm

why such accomplished woman is being judged by what she wears and not by her achievements?
soooo last century…

#3 Ellington on 02.03.11 at 4:16 pm

Exactly mdinah but I would say that is so not just last century but so the way it has ALWAYS been!

#4 Roxy on 05.31.11 at 7:43 pm

Why can’t people leave the lady alone? Everytime she wears something, people pick at it, over-analyse it, if its ‘too expensive’ she’s called a money wh*re, too ‘cheap’ she’s called cheap and classless. this lady is trying to lower obesity rates and try and make her people healthier so they’ll live longer, and all the media can focus on is what she wears. I suggest we start dissing the reporters choices of outfits and ignore all of their past accomplishments. How does a red dress mean it’s honoring china in any way? Unless its a tradition Chinese dress?

#5 kpriss on 05.31.11 at 10:57 pm

so what if they would actually filter the reporters showing up for a press op at the White House (or everywhere else in the world) based on the clothes on their backs? Say if it’s a press op about China, all wear red?

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