Martha Stewart For Chanel. Wait, What?

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Did you know that Martha Stewart was a model back in the 60s? Yep, yes she was! And not for a mail catalog fashion business, oh, no! She used to model for Chanel! For Chanel, hear that?

She’s modest and all about it, saying that it was just a one summer thing and she used the model gigs money to get her through college, but hey, the facts remain that Martha Stewart was a model. And she can also cook. Heavenly, I might add! How awesome is that? (via)

Martha Stewart Chanel ad campaign

Martha Stewart ad campaigns

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#1 Ellington on 02.18.11 at 4:12 pm

She was striking looking then and she still looks good today. I like that she wears what is comfortable to her and for her when she is on tv or her magazine. : )

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