The Latest In Men Fashion The Louis Vuitton Sleeve. Tattoo Sleeve

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The Men Fashion Weeks are happening as we speak. Distinguished designers and esteemed models catwalk down presenting the latest and the hottest in men fashion.

In the mean time, at the opposite pole of the good taste this is happening! The Louis Vuitton tattooed sleeve! (and beyond – it actually looks like it’s expanding on the chest area also). I read somewhere that that some highly tattoed celebrity admitted to having been drunk for all her tattoos.

How about this guy then? What happened to him? I’m impatiently waiting for a sequel with his left arm entirely tattooed in Chanel. Or his monogram of choice. Also – given that Thierry Mugler’s inspiration was skeleton – ink, are we to believe that this is the creativity source of the season for Louis Vuitton? (via)

Louis Vuitton tattoo sleeve

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