Chanel Iman, The Picture Of Perfect Casual Chic

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I know we were not all created with the fortunate good (if not perfect) looks of Chanel Iman, but this image proves what I always believed: simple does it better!

Yes, this is Chanel Iman wearing a pair of blue jeans, a white top, leather jacket (plus the red quilted Chanel) and black patent Louboutin pumps. Yes, as simple as that, she’s effortlessly chic and will always look fashionable because simplicity never goes out of fashion. I have my mix and match days too, when I strive my toddlers exhausted brains and creativity to decently match two prints together, but I generally prefer jeans, top, a small across the body bag and a pair of shoes. What’s your vision about Chanel’s casual outfit? (cast your vote right after the image and feel free to add your personal view in the comments!) (photo Altamira)

Chanel Iman Jeans top Chanel bag

Chanel Iman's simple outfit?

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#1 Ellington on 01.16.11 at 11:04 am

She really is lovely! :)

#2 ajgingerella on 01.16.11 at 1:11 pm

Don’t know what to vote? Chanel is lovely looking girl. But imho chic is not always related to carry a Chanel bag or wearing Louboutins or whatever expensive label…….right???

#3 Ellington on 01.16.11 at 5:02 pm

I would say that she looks chic not because of the labels she is sporting but how she carries off this very simple outfit.
I have seen women wearing/sporting LV, Chanel, Gucci, and all of the rest and they still look tasteless.
I did not vote for her because of the labels but because of the style and ease with which she is carrying herself. She could wear an H&M dress and still look chic, where as Paris Hilton could wear the same outfit and all of the labels and still look dire.
But vote how you feel ajgingerella!
: )

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