Liya Kebede Is Waris Dirie In Desert Flower

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So many models out there trying to make a perfectly happy transition from modeling to something else. Music, television, movies. How many really succeed in making a name, a career outside the fashion magazines, catwalks, ad campaigns?

I’m hoping Liya Kebede could be one of those lucky gorgeous women who can be more than just models. She’s playing Waris Dirie in the upcoming movie Desert Flower. I watched the trailer several times already and I admit I am more and more fascinated by Liya and her beauty which seems to come from the interior more than the outer shell. I won’t tell you more about the movie, the trailer is self explanatory (working against my beliefs already by inviting you to watch the trailer to a movie you haven’t already seen. I had to make an exception with Liya, you’ll see why). So tell me, after watching it – what say you – isn’t she something else? (via)

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#1 Agingerella on 12.11.10 at 10:22 am

Before I watch the trailer: I read Waris Dirie’s story, her books yet at the end of the 90’s, she was such a beautiful model…….

……I suppose Lya is convincing, she’s yet a wonderful model. She made me cry but that can be caused too by the Waris’ story and the story of so many women from that area…..
Three million girls and women are subjected to female gen*tal mut*lation worldwide each year. That’s 8000 girls per day. I truly hope this movie and Lya make an impact and get enough attention to end this crime…. It happens even in my country the Netherlands. In silence of course.

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