Giles Deacon Happy Socks

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How would you like a pair of Happy Socks? I love a pair of funny, cute, colorful socks so Happy Socks really strikes a chord for me! And hearing they teamed up with Giles Deacon doubles the happy – ness.

However, paying $110 for a box of socks may not brighten up your Christmas list. But the box actually contains 7 pairs so it makes up for the price, not to mention that they come in a box also printed with a Giles Deacon favorite; as for the sales – at least 25% from the retail price goes to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. All you have to do is hurry up because only 1000 pairs were made! Go on! Make a socks fan happy! (available here; via)

Giles Deacon Happy Socks box

Giles Deacon Happy Socks short

Giles Deacon Happy Socks long

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