Versace Bubble Sofa For Your Fashionable Home

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How long does it take for you to find the perfect home interior item once you put your mind to it? I admit it takes ages for me. From the day it occurs to me I need or I may find use for a certain home-ish item till the day I actually bring it in, I spend hours and hours figuring the best design and even more time in searching through specialty shops and boutiques. Now the following image should give you a hint already: I’m scouting for a nice new sofa.

And while doing that, I found the Versace Bubble Sofa. And it looks pretty. Truly different from the usual square-ish Versace design, the new Bubble sofa can wear leather or fabric and be equally stylish. Which one would you bring home? (Versace via)

Versace Bubble Sofa multicolored

Versace Bubble Sofa white leather

Versace Bubble Sofa armchair white leather

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