Hello Kitty Wears Glasses

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Once you hit the 1st of November this year, you didn’t really thought about Hello Kitty, did you? Well you should have! Because, daahlings, Hello Kitty’s birthday was on November 1st! And now she’s 31! Imagine that!

And she received a very special gift for her 31st anniversary! She received a pair of glasses! Because you know, life’s getting a lot clearer once you hit the big three-oh. Now we could look at things from a cool perspective and say that Hello Kitty’s new smart looks are adorable or we could say that earning your first pair of glasses once you’ve past the 30 threshold is a bit sarcastic to say the least. How do you think we should take this? (via)

Hello Kitty 30 anniversary glasses

Hello Kitty anniversary glasses

Hello Kitty glasses

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#1 Spa Week Daily on 11.15.10 at 11:06 am

OMG that is soo cute! Totally considering getting the top set. Love Hello Kitty.

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