Diane Von Furstenberg Hospital Gowns

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A hospital isn’t the place you’d dream to wear a designer gown, however, you’ll be (at least) surprised to find out that the Cleveland Clinic’s hospital gowns were created by none the other but Diane von Fustenberg (also known as the “work of arrrrt”).

Designed with care and consideration, the new gown features a full back, much to the pleasure of patients who can walk around without embarrassingly showing their uncovered backs. Created in the legendary spirit of Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dresses, the new hospital gown is boldly printed and already subject to redesign given that some men reclaimed the too-feminine garment. They should um… .like… consider the world’s youngest designer for the task. I’m sure the Cleveland Clinic’s patients won’t mind few bows here and there… (LA times via)

Diane von Furstenberg hospital gowns

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