Bright Outfits For Cold Days?

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I was wondering – even if I love dressing my kids in vivid, bright colors, any season, would I take the bright risk when it comes to my own wardrobe? Especially during the cold season? Would I feel cheered up, warmed up if I’d be dressed in bright fuchsia? Eye – scorching orange? Head turning electric blue?

I found this little example to illustrate my point: this fashionable young man dressed in a purple suit, blindness inducing white shirt, blue bow tie aaaaand, the bag! Look at that bag! There’s nothing quite like it! Not even the purple suit! So how do you treat bold colors in winter? Toss them in the wardrobe oblivion till summer comes back or… (cast your vote right after the image!) (photo Stylescout)

Purple suit man

Purple Suited Man?

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#1 Gingerella on 11.09.10 at 6:18 am

He’s obviously a huge fashion freak. He makes me smile in these cold, wet, dark November days.
For myself I: I love black but I always add some colour to what I wear whether if it’s at home or outside even to run errands. Plus my own hair is very colourful. :)
What to vote?

#2 Ellington on 11.09.10 at 9:30 am

I saw this photo on Style Scout and I really like what he is wearing!
It is fun and creative and classy. : )

#3 Eugene on 04.11.12 at 7:50 pm

how much does the suit,shoes,Btie,cost

#4 kpriss on 04.12.12 at 7:58 am

@Eugene – good question! Although we’re not an eboutique (so do we’re not selling the items we’re writing about), I don’t think it was a splurge – type of suit. The cut looks good, though, doesn’t it? (and the bow tie makes it flawless)

#5 Ellington on 04.12.12 at 8:07 am

Style Scout is a fashion blog of real people wearing their clothes with verve, panche and whimsy.
How much something costs does not enter into it for it is not a blog for selling looks but for celebrating them.

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