Rodarte For M.A.C Makeup Collection

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We’re trying to get used to the general insensitivity manifested by the fashindustry regarding some vital, crucial issues of life and more. When that picture of Selfridges McQueen window circulated, I felt as if there was nothing sacred for the fashpeople. Nothing seems to be keeping their morality on a cool level and play as low as only fashion will allow it.

This week, another fashnews appalled me and since I like debating things with you, I’ll just lay it flat: Rodarte worked on a special makeup collection with M-A-C. Nothing unusual, sad or regrettable up to this point. Au contraire.

However, the collection was inspired by some truly horrific happenings and they even went as far as naming some of the pieces: Juarez, Factory, Badlands, Quinceanera (teenager). Just how low can they go? (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Rodarte for M A C makeup collection lipgloss

In short: the city of Juarez is known for the (yet unsolved) murders of over 400 young women (1993, with ages between 12 and 22). However, unofficial reports state that the real number goes way over 5,000 (many of which weren’t locals and worked in Juarez established factories). As hard to believe as it may seem, police and government officials are supposedly involved in the events making it more difficult for the victims to find their peace through justice.

Rodarte for M A C makeup collection fall 2010

It’s hard to imagine that the Rodarte people wanted to pay some kind of homage to the women of Juarez with this collection, especially since those young women didn’t fall prey to some political engagement but to cruel, physical abuse as stated by the evidences. What’s wrong with you, fashpeople? (via)

Rodarte for M A C makeup collection powder

Rodarte for M A C makeup collection blush

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