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I’m on a wedding – anything spree. It’s beyond the usual bridal season fever, I have to admit. My wedding fever, right now, (blushing) is due to my sister-in-law’s wedding. Yeah, she’s doing it. And we’re all so happy and excited for her (and her husband-to-be), we can’t hide it any longer. See how I come clean before you? Ain’t no other like me!

So in the middle of anything bridal – related in our family, I’m celebrating my own way – by bringing you more wedding inspiration ideas. This time it’s the movies! It’s about a wedding dress exhibition from the National Museum of Costume, Shambellie House New Abbey Dumfries, Scotland. (click through to see the magical costumes!)

Frankenstein bride wedding dress

From the bride of Frankenstein (dress worn by Helena Bonham Carter who played Elizabeth, Frankenstein’s bride) to Mansfield Park’s Fanny Price’s simple dress, you’ll find so many ribbons and intricate embroidery, lovely details to bring you a step closer to the dream reality of our beloved movies.

Mansfield Park movie wedding dress

Remember Nastassja Kinski (by the way – how is she? Haven’t seen her gracious persona in awhile!) from Tess? Susie Lindeman was a perfect fit for this dress in Howards End. Now these dresses were just an avant-taste of the exhibition so for all you lucky Scotland habitants or passing through, get your bridal (and more) fashion mood fix at the museum! I’m off dreaming a bridal dream! Yeah, I know it’s not my wedding, but I can’t help but re-living it all whenever we attend a new wedding! Especially that this one is in the family! (and that I’ll be nine months along when it happens. So less dancing and more dreaming for me, please!)

Tess movie wedding dress

Howards End movie wedding dress

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