Lady Gaga Finally A Man For Vogue Hommes Japan

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Lady Gaga tried so very hard to put those man rumors to rest (something in her Video phone video will tell you just how hard she tried to convince everyone and their dogs that she’s a woman.). Now she suddenly decided to put it all behind her with a little help from photographer Nick Knight and stylist Nicola Formichetti.

The name is Elegant Mechanics and it magazine is Vogue Hommes Japan. Our distinguished Lady Gaga wants to be known as “Jo Calderone”. Looking good, Gaga, really… natural! Isn’t she? (more about the project here)

Lady Gaga as a man Vogue Hommes Japan

Lady Gaga the man Vogue Hommes Japan

Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone Vogue Hommes Japan


#1 Adriana on 07.02.10 at 4:59 am

She’s very convincing as a man this Jo Calderone!

#2 Ben on 07.02.10 at 1:20 pm

Interesting, but not that convincing. Looks more Annie hall to me, with a hint of the Godfather.

#3 juniper quin on 08.28.10 at 12:58 pm

Why does a woman need to wear a white shirt and hold a chunk of plumbing to signify maleness? Way to reinforce gender stereotypes while trying eversohard to be ‘transgressive.’ I give this stunt an -F.

#4 Portia on 08.28.10 at 10:10 pm

coolest shots I’ve ever seen of her. She’s so beautiful as a ‘guy’

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