Versace Home Collection 2010: The Harem Chair

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I remember when I was little, I was imagining luxury in a Harem style picture. Everything was cut from the fairy tales and pasted onto some imaginary luxury landscape with exotic animals and pillows everywhere.

The Versace people must have had the same idea – one of the items from the Versace 2010 Home Collection is the Harem Chair – made of paisley printed cushions. Not bad, eh? (then again, I can think of two-three costless ways of crafting that beauty in the comfort of your very home and budget…) (via)

Versace Home Collection 2010 Harem Chair

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#1 Adriana on 06.17.10 at 6:10 am

Lovely fabrics! But in a country where many Arabs live it’s so easy to get these lovely fabrics and other “harem” related stuff. I’m more and more a multi-culti person. I love the style of our immigrants.
On the market it’s so easy to get the cushions and to cut and sew the fabric is a piece of cake ladies.

Hereby I apologise, to whom it may concern in this world, for the result of our (Dutch) elections. I’m ashamed of a “man” like Geert Wilders. The man’s thoughts are dangerous. I’ve been beyond sad with this result. But determined to fight back!

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