Rick Owens Furniture

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Yesterday we talked about the wonderful, life-full Missoni Aalto chair. And the sun was up, shining upon us, everybody was smiling happily. Today I thought I’d bring you something different. Radically different: Rick Owens furniture!

It’s definitely artsy and fancy, in dark manner, pretentiously and snobbishly described as “sleek Darth Vader-meets-Brancusi black-and-white marble lamps” while if you’re looking at them (these lamps, biensur) you’ll simply notice some giant (white or black concrete or marble pills – not academic to figure out where he might have found the inspiration for those!) hanging on the wall or standing tall on the floor. Rick Owens furniture pieces were featured in a book (“New Paris Interiors”) so it’s an established fact: Rick Owens furniture is something special. (the story continues right after the jump with more images! Click here for the gallery!)

Rick Owens furniture

Rick Owens marble lamps

Of course I could have written this in a different manner, saying there’s no furniture on Earth to meet Rick Owens’ beautiful pieces! Of course I could have go on preaching the fashionness and the high artfulness levels you’ll be reaching when owning a piece of furniture signed by Rick Owens. But where would that leave the sun? Hidden away, torched by all the blackness, coldness and lifeless of Rick Owens’ furniture pieces.

Rick Owens chairs

Of course it’s a matter of taste and vision and since I’m lucky enough to be able to share my vision with you, wouldn’t you want to share yours with me? What do you think about when you’re seeing one of Rick Owens artsy furniture pieces? (Jousse Enterprise, Rick Owens via WWD)

Rick Owens Curial chair black

Rick Owens desk

Rick Owens benches

Rick Owens wood table Rick Owens table bronze Rick Owens stag stool

Rick Owens couch Rick Owens appliques Rick Owens furniture 2009

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#1 raul on 04.29.10 at 6:47 am

I do like them.. its kind of chunk and industrial.. of course you must pair them with something less rough to get a more liveable atmosphere.

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