Jennifer Aniston And Gerard Butler Do W Magazine April 2010

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Looking down on those incessant rumors about a relationship between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, W Magazine goes the whole nine yards and splashes a Domestic Bliss-like issue with the two mentioned above.

Remember Domestic Bliss? With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? It was the coming out for them. Somewhat. What’s this W April 2010 supposed to be? (Yes, sure I know about the Bounty Hunter and that’s soon to be released, yet, one cannot hold back the imminent suppositions and speculations. Gossip, baby, it’s all about gossip. And magazines sales: don’t miss the two photos from the pictorial right after the jump!) (photos via)

Jennifer Aniston Gerard Butler W Magazine April 2010 cover

Jennifer Aniston Gerard Butler W Magazine April 2010

Jennifer Aniston Gerard Butler W Magazine April 10


#1 Adriana on 03.11.10 at 1:29 pm

Ohhh, does macho man Gerard Butler make good girl Jennifer doing bad things? Ouch……..

I’m really tired of celebrities….

#2 Ellington on 03.16.10 at 11:06 am

Jennifer Aniston always has a “romance” thing with her male lead. It is tired, it is fake, it is jank and I sick to the back teeth of it!

#3 Adriana on 03.17.10 at 12:23 pm

Ellington, let’s not blame Jennifer but the tabloids! And also W in this case.

#4 Ellington on 03.17.10 at 1:02 pm

Adriana, she always puts herself out there with her ersatz romance with her male leads, it is not just the tabloids. Why is this okay when she does it but when Angelina does something to this effect, it is her fault and she wants the attention? They all do it, they all feed the fame machine!
But I do find that Jennifer Aniston always put herself out there with her latest male lead, be it Vince Vaughn, Bradley Cooper and now Gerard Butler. Then it fizzles and she wants to be left alone, but when she has a movie with the guy she is everywhere with him and laps up the attention and pushes the idea of a romance.
They all do it and they all crave it to a degree. The tabloids are often just a medium to get what they want and don’t want across. The good comes with the bad in their business.

#5 Adriana on 03.17.10 at 1:16 pm

That’s how it goes while they promoting films.
Angelina is filming with Johnny Depp at the moment. Oh, how suggestive all the news is again. What’s new?

#6 Rob Schneider rules on 03.17.10 at 3:22 pm

The movie studio’s behind it – they wanna sell sell sell this dire-looking film starring the portly and pudgy Gerard Butler (what’s the appeal here? He was lucky to be CGI’d into ‘attractiveness’ in ‘300’). Yes it doesn’t hurt Jennifer’s PR – it’s good to be in the public eye etc etc

I’d actually like to see this film if it had a hotter guy in it….

#7 Adriana on 03.17.10 at 4:12 pm

Of course the PR-machine is behind this all. That’s how it works. No news is bad news you see. So better bad new or rumors than nothing at all. A very old trick.

RSr: you go to see a film for the hotness of an actor?

#8 Rob Schneider rules on 03.17.10 at 5:38 pm

When it’s a light-as-a-feather, dime a dozen, ‘sexy’ romcom like this…yes!

Otherwise, of course not. I usually decide I’ll see a film if the reviews are generally positive or if I like the director etc. Sometimes I’m affected by the choice of composer. Wojciech Kilar is my absolute favourite. (‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’, ‘Portrait of a Lady’ etc)

I hope you realise that when some people express their opinion they might like to use a bit of humour or exaggeration, sarcasm and so on. Don’t take things so literally and lighten up!

#9 Rob Schneider rules on 03.17.10 at 5:42 pm

Ah I forgot: he also scored Polanski’s ‘The Pianist’ – another of my favourite films

#10 Adriana on 03.18.10 at 9:29 am

Wojciech Kilar! Ah, great to see a less superficial site of you. :D
But yes, he’s a great composer. Though I’m not so into avant-garde. His film scores for the films you mentioned were great. In my memory. Cause I saw the all these films quite some time ago.

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