Jessica Stam Designs Collection For Macy’s

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What were we talking about yesterday? That Agyness goes online with a magazine? And that we were lucky that she didn’t get the designer bug?

I’m delighted to bring you this happy news: Jessica Stam is currently designing a capsule collection for Macy’s! And because I don’t remember having noticed Jesssica Stam’s particular style (has she any, by the way?), I have to put the originality of her designs under a big question mark. You were saying that it was easier to get this work done because they’re already in the industry. Yes, undoubtedly, unarguably yes. But for me it all comes down to respect. Do your respect your (potential) client enough to give him/her something new, something perfectly compatible (quality wise) or are you just following the herd? After all, everyone’s a designer nowadays, everyone’s a fashion sheep. (via, photo via)

Jessica Stam jean shorts

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