Tavi About Rodarte’s Collection And Campaign For Target

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Everybody loves Raymond. Wait, what? No, no-no! That’s not the way it was suppose to come out! Everybody loves Tavi! Yeah, well, not everybody, but it’s the season, let’s make believe!

Rodarte loves Tavi! And Target loves Rodarte. Tavi and Rodarte for Target as explained below. If you think there’s a reason for growing up, don’t! Look at Tavi Gevinson here! She’s a Style Rookie and happy to be so! The problem with Tavi is people tend to take her “seriously” out of respect. Tomorrow, when she’ll actually be grown up, the same guys who used to smile at her will set bars so high for her, it’ll be very interesting to watch her perform and overcome their standards as an adult. Usually talent doesn’t grow with age. Experience does. Hopefully Tavi will make the most and the best of it. Let’s cross our fingers for the little one! (via)

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