Lady Gaga’s Christmas Tree

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This is officially why I’ll be having a Gaga-free Christmas this year (and hopefully every year!): Lady Gaga misses no commercial opportunity so she’s out with a Christmas song (with Space Cowboy)!

The horror! No zombies (yet), no video (each and every god be praised!) the lyrics suffice to make this “song” an outrageousness. I miss Xtina’s Dirrrty days! I really do! How about you? (you can listen to Gaga’s Christmas Tree with lyrics on screen here)


#1 Adriana on 12.15.09 at 5:12 am

Hahahahahaha……OMG what has become of the music world and the people who buy this…..well, I think I rather play Bing Crosby or Wham! :D

Kpriss, why didn’t you post the original? LOL! It’s only laughable! I can see Christopher Walken doing this…..hahahahaha…….he did a very good “Po po po poker face” too you see! At Jonathan Ross’ BBC Friday show…..hahahaha…..(see YouTube)

#2 Pikanteria on 12.15.09 at 5:17 am

God’s sake it’s disgusting… ugh

#3 kpriss on 12.15.09 at 6:38 am

Wham?! oh that’s music for my heart! (but you already know I’m a sucker for all things Christmas, so needles to say I could play Christmas song on loop for hours! not the Gaga kind, though!)

I know Christopher Walken’s Pokerface! It was priceless! The original Christmas tree from Gaga? There is none! (at least none that I found yet) – there was no video made yet and the one I included in the text with the lyrics on screen I found too offensive because of that disgraceful content!

Pikanteria, you’ve said it! Disgusting!

#4 Adriana on 12.15.09 at 7:03 am

Girls, there’s a lot disgusting in this world. Gaga did not else than sing what a lot of performers and models do show in a lot of suggestive ways. That disgust me often. At least this is laughable….sorry, I can only laugh about it, maybe it’s a Dutch thing? We’re not so easily shocked. I bet lots of people here shakes their heads and only laugh…..worse thing is this “song” is now stucked in my head! Grrrrrrr……

I’m the new suffragette I believe?

I really prefer and love Wham! of course every year, since the 80’s, I still love that song. As I still love Band Aid “Feed the World” when I was younger and still a bit innocent and thought I could help save the world….I have it on my headphones now via YouTube and feel some tears running down my cheeks……

#5 kpriss on 12.15.09 at 7:08 am

stuck in your head, you say? How about if I told you that my baby girl heard the song and took daddy by the hand so she could dance with him? On Lady Gaga’s Christmas Tree? The song is so catchy and the rhythm is addictive! If children react so pleasantly to it, we’re in trouble!

(I hope the glorious image of my three kids dancing round to Gaga’s Christmas Tree wipes those tears off your beautiful face!)

#6 Adriana on 12.15.09 at 9:16 am

You say it Kpriss, if children react so pleasantly we’re in trouble though I think we are there yet….but, I’m smiling again with the image of your three children dancing around Gaga’s Christmas tree. It does remind of a little girl I once had the pleasure to know dancing and singing along “Sweet Child of Mine”….”ay, ay, ay” together with her mother……:((


#7 Ellington on 12.15.09 at 11:49 am

YE GADS! That is reprehensible!
At our house we have Ella singing Jingle Bells, Nat King Cole singing Mrs.Santa Claus, Vince Guaraldi’s classic Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack (a jazz classic treat), Kathleen Battle, Harry Conick Jr, Diana Krall,David Bowie and Bing Crosby and Aretha Franklin, The Pretenders, The Waitresses and Vanessa Williams to name a few (sorry no WHAM).
That is fun Christmas music.
What Lady Gaga did is just awful, but there will be the grand deaf deluded who will by this tripe.

#8 anonymous on 02.14.10 at 7:44 am

You guys are disgusting people. Just a bunch of f*ards. You all deserve to diedance if you cannot appreciate Lady Gaga’s awesomeness. Too bad for all you d*hits out there. :)

#9 Manshou on 02.14.10 at 7:47 am

Hey anonymous, well said!!!

I’ve always believed in Lady Gaga’s music including this one. When I listened to this piece, I thought that it was really good, considering that it came from Lady Gaga, vulgar though at some points haha XD

Hmm to you people out there who don’t like lady gaga, think about what you say, how it will affect other people. I don’t think it will be nice if someone insulted your idol, so please.



#10 Adriana on 02.14.10 at 8:20 am

I’ve to admit: I like Gaga these days. I really do. And yes, I dance around on it. Almost that is… left is still bruised. But soon I will. :)

You passionate fans goes a tad to far for me with your idolizing and very rude comments. A bit more stylish would suit you and Gaga!

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