Frowning Lara Stone, Who?

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If you thought there was no match to Lara Stone’s angry catwalk look, think no more! Here goes Jessica Simpson wearing the look, walking the walk, just like a perfect frowning catwalk queen!

You might want to know what she was doing up there (or not, but it’s in the news, so you’ll find out sooner or later): she was invited as a guest model for a fashion show! (you can close your mouth now, I can see that “What the..” shape from here!) She catwalked for Ozlem Suer, Friday September 4th, in Paris. Now since Jourdan’s agency declared that she will not be walking her 5mths-baby bump down the runway, can we have Jessica Simpson as a catwalk curiosity moment at Fashion Week? Please? Pretty please? (photos via)

Jessica Simpson Fashion show

Jessica Simpson catwalk

Jessica Simpson black dress


#1 Adriana on 09.07.09 at 12:47 am

Well…..scratches head……another curious option would have been the pregnant Jourdan! Showing us how designers are able to design also for the preggers ladies? Would that be wonderful if they could that? When do we get to see their craft in that glory?
Oh Jessica….sighs…..go home do your own thing whatever that is???

#2 Daydreamer on 09.07.09 at 9:37 am

What is she doing up there? That’s total suicide!!!

#3 Ellington on 09.07.09 at 10:05 am

I think that she needs more bra support with that dress.
I don’t dislike Jessica, she has seemed to have been through a lot and people rag on her for her failed relationships (which is a tad unfair as her ex’s don’t get that kind of play).

#4 Adriana on 09.07.09 at 2:15 pm

Ellington, despite it’s almost 2010, women are still home wreckers, women still have to be sexy no matter what it cost, women are still getting older and men get more “interesting” while aging, women are still underpaid compare to men, women still……never mind…..sighs…….

#5 Tavia on 09.07.09 at 5:33 pm

OMG….she doesn’t look to fresh to me. Wassup with that face? She looks like she’s going to a funeral. Somebody get her out of there….and I mean NOW

#6 Adriana on 09.08.09 at 3:32 am

Alas I’ve to bash another woman again, but hey it’s almost about women here, sorry……I remember that show “Newlyweds”! Yes, I’ve watched it. I know now what’s wrong with this pictures. I’ve never ever seen someone so dumb, so……OMG I can’t find the English word….well the reason why I watched it was to see what stupid thing she would do next or say…..I really wondered why she and Nick Lachey, who showed some normal human behaviour, wanted to show all this lack of any IQ or common sense. And this shows on her face now even more. Whatever she wears, whatever work done or visagist she use, that dumbness shows all over….that’s what’s wrong with these pictures.

But what’s she doing? Does she act? Still sing? What is there besides being dumb?

#7 Daydreamer on 09.08.09 at 5:26 am

I thought she is in this commercial Kpriss wrote about.

At least she does some charity.

Still, I wonder why this designer wanted to her walk in his show. It’s unlike VW and Pamela case.

#8 Adriana on 09.08.09 at 7:15 am

She does charity? Also do I and many other unknown people.
I think the case with Vivienne and Pamela was kinda fun and so like Dame Viv.. What’s fun about this?
However I was a bit too negative. I´m sorry, because a lot of women looks like this and it´s realistic from that point of view?

#9 Daydreamer on 09.08.09 at 8:05 am

It’s like food for American people who can’t afford.

There are no fun about this, Pam walked down the runway with fun and joy but she looks….

#10 kpriss on 09.08.09 at 8:35 pm

Jessica is who she is, that’s why we love her smiling, laughing, more than this frowning angry side of her, don’t we? Because she’s exposed, she’s not pretending or asking to be considered as a Nobel prize runner up. She stuck with the singing and a nasty pattern of being dumped for a younger, slimmer woman. The other woman. So many things she could be sad about, instead I still like her smiling. So I can laugh with her. Because she’s so lovingly blonde sometimes!

on a side note – I too would have loved seeing Jourdan catwalking the Fashion Week away. However, it’s not exactly healthy for a pregnant woman to even be around those tents! For a zillion different reasons!

#11 Adriana on 09.09.09 at 6:12 am

She’s dumped for a younger, slimmer woman? That happens all the time and most of the time I read here texts as “something must have been wrong in that relationship” that it ended. Coincidentally “slim” is the Dutch word for “smart”. Sorry, but I’m not interested in someone who’s blonde (dyed) and smiles lovely sometimes if that’s all there is.
Oh, I googled Jessica, she’s still young herself, she’s only 29! Too young for a girl to feel sad and old. But if that’s the reason for her sadness we should be far more critical about the position of women in the fashion and the entertainment world and women in general……

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