Black Sequined Leggings

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I looked at this picture and something felt strangely familiar. And haunting. Then bam! It came to me: last night I had a dream about black sequined leggings! I dreamed about owning a pair of shiny, black, sequined leggings!

The whys of this dream are completely unknown for the moment. I’ll try, however, to break this in a Freudian manner. Homemade.

I’m no skinny jeans / leggings girls. First because you see them everywhere and second because they make my legs look way fuller than they actually are! Now if you have any rational indication about why that may be, please fill me in! Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from dreaming about a pair of black sequined leggings! Would you wear one of those? (yeah, I know, it may not look as worn by Chanel, like in this photo-example, but still…)

Chanel Iman black sequined leggings

Although I have yet to solve the mystery of my physical constitution’s incompatibilities with skinny jeans and leggings, I owe you more body details on the lovely 20yo Chanel Iman above: she’s measuring 5ft10 (178cm) or 5ft7 (175cm) but everyone agrees upon her 112.5 pounds (51kg) weight. That safely puts Chanel on the catwalk, as one of those stick-thin models allowing her to wear absolutely anything without fear of muffin-top looks or cellulite showing through too-tight clothes.

Chanel Iman black sequin leggings

Sequins often make for very festive looks but when toned down with a casual top, they become more rock’n roll than glitzy and this is the way Chanel opted to wear them. We’ve seen Victoria Beckham wearing sequin leggings in a more glamorous way as she paired them with a corset and high heels but Demi Lovato comes with yet another example of cool, laid-back sequin leggings look.

Victoria Beckham Demi Lovato black sequin leggings

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As for wearing comfort, I personally only tried a pair of sequined leggings once and they didn’t feel nice at all. They were itchy and scratchy and felt like thorns on my skin. But that’s my experience, I’m certain they wouldn’t be so popular if they were all as comfy as hedgehog skin pants! (inside out) Here are two examples of high-end leggings from BGBG Max Azria available here and affordable black sequin leggings you can opt for, available here.

black sequins leggings high end and affordable

high end sequins BGBG Max Azria (left), $348 and affordable black sequins leggings (right), $32


#1 Ellington on 09.30.09 at 11:30 am

These leggings are funky but really not many women will look like Chanel in them, even if they convince themselves that they do.
As for your concern on what I like to call “plank leg syndrome” Kpriss you just think that your legs look bigger or dare I say it, plank like, because you normally do not wear anything like this so close fitting and unforgiving, and tights do not count as they are a different aesthetic. ;)
So ladies if you feel that you suffer from “plank leg syndrome” or EBD (Expanding Butt Disease) then by all means avoid leggings for the sake of yourself and for the children! ;)

#2 Adriana on 09.30.09 at 3:51 pm

Yep, this these leggings are funky and I wore some like them in the 80’s. Made by myself. They did itch by the way :D
Chanel looks lovely though, I won’t anymore now. So I give these a thumbsup even if they doesn’t look great on me!

#3 anom on 09.30.09 at 5:02 pm

I luv the street fashion photos like this – i wish the mags where more fun! This picture reminds me of how fun & carefree youth is. Makes me wish i was a model instead of surburan blogger!!!!!

#4 Sandra C. on 10.03.09 at 6:51 pm

who’s that girl? do you have any idea?

#5 Adriana on 10.04.09 at 8:07 am

@ Sandra C. that is Chanel Iman an American topmodel. Google her name and you shall find lots off info about her.

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