Mariah Carey’s Forever Perfume Ad

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If you see this ad and you haven’t seen Final Fantasy, The Spirits Within, the movie, then you won’t see the striking resemblance. But you will notice that Mariah looks significantly different from her real life persona.

Why would Mariah Carey consider that much Photoshop just to advertise for her own perfume? One – because she can; two – because she’s Mariah and she can; three – because she’s Mariah and she don’t care about us; and four – because Mariah now quitted singing (after that regrettable Michael Jackson tribute voice incident) and now she’s selling Adobe Photoshop! We still love you, Mariah, come back! (photos via)

Mariah Carey Forever Perfume ad

Mariah Carey Forever Perfume


#1 Ellington on 08.22.09 at 8:55 am

The girl LOVES photoshop!
Yes her performance for Michael Jackson was dire, but she did sing a few weeks ago on America’s Got Talent. I have no idea if it was live or lip-synced. She did flirt with her husband Nick Canon, they were kind of cute and they do seem happy with each other which is nice to see.
As for her new perfume I was not a fan of her last one, so this one does not hold any interest for me.

#2 Daydreamer on 08.23.09 at 9:14 am

I’m not buying it.

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