I Don’t Go To University Is A Fashion!

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Someone had to invent that logo sooner or later! I Don’t Go To University is a friendly slap on the back of those collegiate fashionable hoodies. I’m looking forward to see this running up and down the campus, just because!

For all those interested in what’s behind this good joke… ahem print: IDontGoTo University comes a long way, from 1975 and was originally created by Andrew Wadsworth (who, coincidentally, didn’t go to the University). Now the three Wadsworth kids (you see them advertising for their family’s brand) are trying to relaunch and refashion the good ol’ IDontGoTo! Good luck, guys! (via)

I don t Go To University ad

I don t Go To University collection

I don t Go To University

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#1 Rob Schneider rules on 03.22.10 at 5:52 pm

Interesting take. Serves as a fashion-y reminder that not everyone is lucky enough to attend university

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